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Greenfield Mills, Inc. is one of the few hydro electric flour mills still around. It is Indiana’s oldest commercial water-powered flour mill. It was bought by Henry Rinkel in 1904. The year 2015 marks our 111th year of producing quality old fashioned flour and pancake mix made by the Rinkel family. Here at Greenfield Mills we are celebrating five generations of quality milling. Click here and find out what people are saying about our pancake mix

Mill History

In 1832 Samuel Burnside built a saw mill on the banks of Crooked Creek (now the Fawn River). A few years later Peter Beisal began construction of a grist mill nearby. This mill was put together with square nails and wooden pegs.

Unfortunately, Beisel ran into financial trouble and wasn’t able to complete the mill. It was completed in 1846 by Amos Davis. In the following years the mill went through several different owners until it was purchased by Henry Rinkel in 1904. At the time of this purchase, the mill was being used as a dance hall because the dam had been washed out months before.

Even though many neighbors thought Rinkel was crazy for trying to make a go of the “jinxed” old mill; they came with their picks and shovels to help rebuild the dam two different times. It took two long, hard years to fix up the old mill.

Finally in 1906, Henry Rinkel began producing “New Rinkel” Flour. Over the last 90 years the spelling and machinery have been changed but the same quality product, “New Rinkel” flour, is being produced.

Over the years they continued to upgrade the mill with much of the equipment being purchased from other small mills that had gone out of business. Sadly, while there were once hundreds of small wheat mills in Indiana alone, there is now only a hand full left in the state. It is also one of Indiana’s smallest electric utility companies; presently serving 2 mills and 11 homes.

Greenfield Mills, owned and operated by the Rinkel family for over a hundred years is truly a family business.

“New Rinkel” flour makes very good bread, however, the Lord Jesus Christ said, “I am the Bread of Life”, and in Him only will you find eternal fulfillment, peace and joy.

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