10 Photography Magazines You Should Definitely Follow on Instagram

In today’s digital world, resources for photographers are abundant. However, there is something special about the good, old-fashioned feel of flipping through a magazine that has been specially tailored to suit your needs.

Most publications have expanded their reach beyond just print and paper to connect with their more modern readers by creating Instagram accounts to showcase their favorite works.

Whether you are new to photography, a seasoned artist, or just enjoy looking at the amazing pictures, photography magazines are an amazing resource. With features over a variety of topics, photos from around the world, and insight to new and improved technology, there is something for everyone to enjoy. These are the top ten magazine Instagram feeds you should definitely follow.

Outdoor Photography

Outdoor Photography Magazine (@outdoorphotomag)


Published by Madavor Media, Outdoor Photography explores landscapes and wildlife. Their well-known contributors are outstanding in their fields and offer tips, techniques, and equipment suggestions for those who want to master the art of beautiful nature photography.

Landscape Photography Magazine (@landscapephotomag)

From breathtaking shorelines to majestic mountains, this Instagram feed is truly an inspiration for anyone who enjoys natural scenes.

With worldwide recognition and a rapidly growing subscriber base, Landscape Photography Magazine is a leader of online landscape photography.

Street Photography

Street Photography International (@streetphotographyinternational)

Offering candid shots of the everyday life around us, Street Photography International offers followers of their Instagram to hashtag their own photos for a chance at being featured.


SPi also offers workshop opportunities to work with experienced photographers and hone your skills.

Eyeshot Magazine (eyeshot_)

Eyeshot is a newer magazine, created in 2011 under the name “Hyde Park Photography”. It is aimed toward both amateur and professional level street photographers and welcomes the collaboration of readers. Their feed is bursting with vibrant pictures of humanity.

Emerging Artists

Burn (@burnmagazine)

Targeted towards emerging artists, Burn publishes twice weekly. They offer an Emerging Photography Fund, along with workshops and group membership programs. Their feed features photos from landscapes to portraits and everything in between.

YET Magazine (@yetmagazine)

This triannual publication showcases editorials and photographic series from both well-known and emerging artists worldwide.


Internationally known, YET focuses on contemporary photography and publishes text free photography projects, in-depth articles, and interviews with photographers.

Something for Everyone

Shutterbug (@theshutterbugmagazine)

One of the world’s leading photo and imaging magazines, Shutterbug is perfect for the amateur artist. Their goal is to help photographers enhance the talents they have while gaining new insight to unlock their full potential.

Digital Photo Pro Magazine (@digitalphotopro)

Geared towards the professional photographer, Digital Photo Pro offers innovated concepts, equipment reviews, and the latest imaging technology. Each issue offers articles about running your business, simplifying your process, and imaging process.

Noice Magazine (@noice_mag)


Known for their use of color, light, and pattern, Noice is known for their meticulous style and minimalism. Emphasizing humor and allegory, they publish work to unite all artists.

Subjectively Objective (@subjectivelyobjective)

Monthly exhibitions publications and twice monthly miniature series based on Instagram features give this magazine an edge. With contemporary landscapes and conceptual work, Subjectively Objective focuses on showing the world through the artist’s eyes.

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