6 Best Photography Blogs to Inspire Creativity

Creativity is an essential trait that is required for one to excel in a variety of careers. But, when it comes to photography, one needs to be exceptionally creative. Other than creativity being a naturally inborn characteristic. Seeing other creative works can inspire one to be creative in his or her own way.

As a photographer, there are a couple of photography blogs that when you look at them, you will immediately be inspired to be more creative. Below, we have compiled the best photography blogs that can help inspire your creativity.

1. Ron Dubin Photography

If you are on the hunt for the best photography blogs, then you should have a peek at Ron Dubin photography. Ron runs a marvellous blog which won’t only inspire your creativity but it will also inform you on a variety of aspects in photography.

woman and camera

It contains hundreds of well taken photos from all over the world. Not to mention, Ron’s blog touches on a variety of subjects ranging from landscape to games and much more.

2. Paris Daily Photo

Who doesn’t love Paris? One look at this blog will send creative juices running all up in your veins. The blog is run by a professional photographer known as Eric. His blog is mainly about the life in Paris which entails the romantic and not so romantic lifestyle of Paris.

The subject of photography also varies in an excellent way. His photography blog can inspire you to start a similar theme of documenting in the picture your hometown.

3. Light Stalking

Light Stalking is a must follow photography blog. It is a favourite even to iconic photographers. The blog inspires you to creatively use light to better your photography skills. As you may know, lighting is very essential when it comes to photography.


At Light Stalking, there are numerous reading material you can use to inspire your creativity. Moreover, you will also find on this blog photography news and reviews.

4. LensCulture

LensCulture is your one-stop shop for all your photography needs. There, you will get to read all about contemporary photography and even photojournalism. What most people love about LensCulture is that it’s a platform where different bloggers share their works and discuss a variety of subjects.

This is unlike other personal blogs where the source of information is an individual. Here you creativity can be inspired by numerous people.

5. Getty Images

Getty is a professional photographer and blogger. She’s enthusiastic about sharing and it’s why she regularly updates her blog. Getty Images is an excellent photo archive. She also discusses the history of photography amongst other great topics. From this blog, you can also learn new photography trends that can help boost your creativity.

6. FStoppers

Despite being around for eight years, Fstoppers have been able to gather a massive following for their site. It is a popular source for creativity amongst both amateurs and professionals. The blog features photography projects, tutorials, news, reviews and a lot of other great stuff.


Everyone yearns to be creative, even professional photographers. The above six blogs are the top contenders when it comes to the best photography blogs that can aid inspire creativity. The more photography blogs you follow, the higher the chance of improving your creativity.

About the Author Antonio Stephens