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7 Exercise Ideas For Seniors

Staying active is very important, this is because by doing this, you will find that most of the time you are happy and looking good throughout your life. As a senior, having an active life is essential, this is because an active lifestyle can help in preventing diseases like diabetes, heart attack, and various forms of cancer, it can as well reduce the pain that is brought about by arthritis. Below are the seven exercise ideas for seniors, try these and you will never regret.

1. Work in aerobics

Aerobic activities are important for seniors because it helps them in burning excess calories, lowering the cholesterol level as well as blood pressure. It also helps in improving the health of their hearts and improves the overall energy level.

2. Push-ups


If you want to work the muscles that are in your arms, traditional pushups are the way to go. You will also be in a position to work the muscles in your shoulders as well as your chest. However, to complete them in a correct manner can prove to be very difficult. This workout for elders can be modified and one will still be in a position to get its health benefits.

3. Stretch your upper body

In order to get the most from your exercise and fitness programme, you need to be very flexible. You should be in a position to put your focus on your arms and the chest muscles; this is achieved by standing with your feet shoulder width apart.

By this time, your arms should be at your sides, you should then be in a position to bring both your arms behind your back then grasp your hands.

4. Curl those biceps

As you age, you might find it difficult to lift everyday objects such as a suitcase or rather a gallon size jug of water. But with arm curls, your muscles with be strengthened. And that can be achieved by actively involving your arm with arm curling activities.

5. Squats

Muscle building takes time, although, it’s benefits are beneficial for seniors’ health. As a beginner, it is advisable that you start with exercises with low impacts; you do not want to end up getting injured because of vigorous exercise. You can well opt to squat in front of your sturdy chair in order to promote your lower body strength.

6. Leg Raises

Senior women with yoga mat in park

With leg raises, your thighs will be strengthened, your hips, your buttocks, as well as the lower back muscles. With this type of exercise, your body will also be in a position to achieve balance. You should always remember to alternate your legs between the sets.

7. Low impact exercises

Factors such as limited mobility as well as pain can have a great impact on the kinds of exercise you are in a position to do. With low impact exercises, your body will be provided with a low impact but you will still be in a position to stay active. With these kinds of exercise, seniors are able to easily adapt to new workout programs.

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