Can You Lose Weight With Kettlebells

With just using kettlebells you can be able to lose weight within a short period. They are a great workout and their shape /size doesn’t make things easy for you. From a point of view, they can easily replace dumbbell training. read more this article to get to know the background on kettlebell plus a simple fat burner workout for you.

Kettlebell background

Close-up of athletic woman exercising with kettlebell at gym

They are kettle shaped weights and often comes in sizes of 1,2,3 pood (1 pood = 16.3 Kg). Their origination is from Scotland, not from Russia as most people believe. They can be very challenging for your tendons, muscles and arms joints because of their awkward shape for lifting.

Why kettlebell is not just passing fad?

The reason for this is very simple, you see you are working on your complete body with their exercise routines. For your surprise, with a simple one-handed swing, you are working out on your legs, arms, glutes, lower back, and cardio.

It’s all because of their shape. When you are swinging kettlebell you have to put efforts in controlling the kettlebell (thus not shooting it like a mad cannonball). Doing 30 swings with each hand is great cardio.

With every swing, you have to sit back (as the kettle goes down) and stand up (while pulling kettle), you are working your quads, hamstrings, and lower back. Oh if you are using heavyweight( 2 poods or 32 kg for men, 24 kg for women), you’ll be exerting lot more pressure on your abdominal region, thus working out your abs too.

Lose weight quickly with Kettlebell workout


Are you ready to lose weight with a kettlebell? then READ MORE this simple workout plan to help you.

2 handed Kettlebell swings X 30 reps X 2 sets

A one-handed kettlebell swings X 20 reps X 2 sets

Do Turkish get up 5 reps with each arm.

Try front squat x10x2 reps.

You can decrease the rest time between the circuits or perform more of the same circuit to decrease the intensity. With this, you’ll find yourself wasted soon enough.

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