Golf Reduces Stress – Another Great Reason To Play Golf

Have you had a long day at work? And do you need an EXECUTIVE activity to free your mind? Hit the golf court. The clean air and sweet sunshine enable your body to generate feel-good hormones that are known as endorphins.

The hormones work effectively and immediately to boost your mood. This is a natural way to boost your mood better than any medication.

Advantages of playing golf

Ability to socialize

Golf Stick

Golf is a game that takes a group of four golfers an estimated two and a half hours to complete the standard eighteen hole round.this is enough time for the players to socialize as the game is not a fast one. This experience enables you to make friends easily.

Research has shown that playing golf enables you to acquire important positive psychological aspects that will cheer you up and help you avoid stress.

Boost your Esteem

If at any point in your life you are having self-esteem issues, it is more likely that you will end up having stress-related complications. Low self-esteem has been the downfall of many people who had a bright future ahead of them.

By playing golf, one is able to boost happiness in their lives and slowly raise their self-esteem. The more you play golf, the more you acquire the skills and once you have mastered golf, it is very prestigious and this will make you believe in yourself more.

Enables you to stay fit

According to doctors, exercising often, is a natural way to relieve stress. To play an eighteen hole golf round, one will engage in some good physical exercise.


The game is quite competitive and therefore it makes you want to play more and more exercising your body more on the process. By being physically fit, your mind is running well and you are able to release stress through exercise.

Acquire vitamin D

When the vitamin D levels lower in your body, you are at the risk of showing signs and catching anxiety and depression. Your body needs only being exposed to the sun in order for it to produce all the vitamin D it needs.

If you spend most of your days indoors, you might end up being stressed due to a deficiency in Vitamin D. you should make time for a morning game and this will keep your body and mind free from stress.

Mental exercise

Golf involves a lot of thinking. In order to perfect your prowess in golf, you will require skills and strategy, all the activities surrounding the game of golf will require concentration and thus ensuring that your brain is exercising.


By picturing a success in a shot, your brain is focused on success and this will, in turn, reduce the negativity in the brain. Regularly playing golf enables you to be in a position to control and reduce stress. To know more on how to improve your mental health through golf, navigate to this website.


Playing of golf has proven to be fun and healthy. As discussed in the article, golf has proven to be good for both your physical and mental well being, and no matter your age or gender you can enjoy the beautiful game of golf.

About the Author Antonio Stephens