How Do You Exercise Your Mindfulness

A man’s desire to have more shall never be satisfied, and that is why the human race has turned to be a busy bee, ever working and engaging your mind to busy activities without giving a few minutes to relax or meditation.

It is vital for every busy human being to set aside a few minutes to exercise mindfulness and meditation in order to be able to cultivate spaciousness in their brain.

Some fail to do it simply because they don’t have any idea of how it should be done. If you want to know how you do exercise your mindfulness, read this post here to get five useful tips.

Mindful breathing

It is one of the most effective ways to exercise your mindfulness, and also one of the easiest having that it can be done while standing or while in a sitting position.


Mindful breathing should start by breathing in and out slowly in a relaxed motion. You should increase the depth gradually and make sure you breathe in with the nose and breathe out with the mouth.

Mindful observation

This exercise your mindfulness helps one to notice petty things that one have never noted in our immediate environment.

Mindful observation entails you observing one single thing in the environment and concentrating for as long as one can, by so doing, you will be able to note the pretty things that you have never observed before.

Mindful awareness

This is nothing but taking time to think of a thing that is done every day without one is noticing it, think of a simple activity like opening and closing of a door in the latrines.

Mindful listening


This is merely engaging you listening sense into an activity. You can be listening to music that you have never heard before with the intention to grasp every word that is mentioned in the music.

Mindful appreciation

You should take time in a day and think of very important things that happen every day but go unappreciated. You should hence take time to appreciate the important activities that other people don’t note.With the five exercises for your mindfulness, you rest assured of a healthy mind.

About the Author Antonio Stephens