How Long Can You Wear A Compression Sleeve?

Compression sleeves are good in reducing the inflammation and swellings while improving the blood circulation in your body. Sleeves are best worn while you are working out, and after you complete your workout session. How much longer after the workout should you keep the sleeve on?.

Read below to find an overview of the safety precautions of using the compression sleeve.

How does the Compression sleeve function?

The sleeve applies a compressional force that helps your body to maintain healthy blood flow. Compressional sleeves help the body to get rid of fatigue and muscle inflammation.

How long should you wear the Compression sleeve?

Compression Sleeve

Mild compression sleeves and moderate level compression sleeves are the two major types of compression sleeves. The former provides 15-20mmHg while the latter provides 20-30mmHg. The mild compression sleeve is good before and after you work out while the Moderate compression sleeve should be worn during the actual workout session. The compression sleeves should be worn for a maximum of 6-8 hours a day.

Can You Wear a Compression Sleeve To Bed?

Compression gear, including the sleeves, are not safe to be worn to bed. The material might cut off your circulation at the ankle or wrist if it is too tight while you enjoy a healthy sleep.

The body is able to pump blood to all parts when you lay down hence no need for extra of the sleeve. To get genuine products, find compression sleeve on amazon at affordable prices.

What determines how long you wear the sleeve?

• Individuals use the sleeves differently. The major determinant of how long you may have the sleeve on for long is whether you are comfortable in the gear.


• The doctor’s prescription. If you are on the compression therapy, the doctor shall guide you on the number of hours you need the graduated compressional sleeve on.

Compressional sleeves can be used alongside compression socks. Athletes and individuals that love to workout need the sleeves to keep healthy. For patients on compression therapy, they should always adhere to the prescription.

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