How Long Do You Need To Train For A Marathon

Running a marathon is more of a personal challenge, and many runners or wannabe runners already know it. Maybe you want to prove that you are capable of completing the race or you just wish to test your limits. Perhaps, ‘you’re trying to shed a few pounds or support and raise awareness for a charity. It might be that your friend has challenged you to get on the track.

You obviously have a reason to do the marathon, and whatever it is, there is one thing you need to do. Keep on reminding yourself what your motivation to run the race is.

If a time comes and you feel like your legs are tired or you simply ‘don’t want to go outside, your motivation will keep you training. You can navigate to this site for some tips on how to stay motivated in whatever you are doing.

But how long should you actually train?

One thing that should be clear by now is that you have to train a lot as your success depends on it. But have you asked yourself how much time you should take to prepare? Well, there is no specific amount of time that you should train. Your training period depends on factors such as injury avoidance, fitness level, the rate at which you ramp up your mileage, and others.


One thing you have to keep in mind, however, is that training plans should range from 12 to 20 weeks. Such timings, however, assume that you have started on a good base of running fitness which you can build on. Running approximately 20 miles every week for a period of 9 to 12 months should be a good base of running fitness. After this period, you can go ahead and begin the marathon training plan. The benefit of having some running experience before starting your training plan is that you reduce your risk of injury risk.

Why take long when training?

Training for long as you await the marathon is beneficial as you increase your chances of success. Success, in this case, is all about:

• Avoiding injuries caused by increasing your training mileage too fast

• Avoiding fatigue or burn-outs as a result of running for too long.

• Increasing the training intensity in a comfortable manner

• Finishing the marathon without any serious complications

In summary


Giving yourself enough time to train for a marathon is vital to your success when the time to run comes. Always ensure that you start slow and increase the intensity in a way that feels comfortable for you. That way, you lower your probability of getting injured while increasing your chances of completing the race successfully. All the best as you prepare for the marathon.

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