How To Increase Testosterone Levels?

Low testosterone levels are majorly attributed to hormonal disorders, obesity, infections as well as injuries to the testicles. Low testosterone levels can be frustrating to men as high testosterone serve to prove their manliness. Low testosterone may cause low libido, impotence, depression, and fatigue.

For women today, a perfect man is described to be; well built, one who has facial hairs, with protruding biceps and abs, muscular and one having a deep voice. These are the attributes that women want to look for in a man.

As it is well known, testosterone has a role to play in the development of all these man-like features. Hence, ladies can determine a man’s sex drive using these features. No one wants a boring moment in bed. A sexually active man will make your life spicy. Thus, men are working day in day out to boost their testosterone levels to lure more ladies to themselves.


However, many men are still in the dark. Hence, HORMONE THERAPY SCOTTSDALE specialists have worked hard to see that hormone replacement therapy services are now available. In this article, I provide ways in which you can increase your testosterone levels easily.

1. Regular exercises

Weight lifting and exercises such as lungs and rows, squats, press ups, and deadlifts help the biosynthesis of testosterone. Also, these exercises serve to tone up body muscles hence increased testosterone synthesis.

2. Managing weight level

When it comes to increased testosterone levels, you must check the food intake rate. In as much as you lift weights, watching your diet will be of great help. Thus, it is advisable that you settle on quality fat intake and a low carbohydrate diet. This will limit your food intake and lower your hunger pangs. Therefore, you produce less estrogen and much testosterone. Thus, you have to get to the gym and slash off some pounds.

3. Sleep

Ample sleep boosts the production of testosterone. Stressing situations can make you have sleepless and disturbing moments in bed. Consequently, this will result in low libido and hence underperforming when it comes to the sexual act.



To curb this, you must exercise relaxation techniques which encompass deep breaths, yoga, and meditation. By this, you will ward off awful thought that might give you a sleepless night. Also, a stress-free life stimulates the production of the happy hormone dopamine which influences the production of testosterone.

4. Sex in the morning

For you to have a lively day, you need to have sex in the morning. By this, you help restore your testosterone levels. With the fast pacing economy, you must have lucrative hours while you stay engrossed to your work. With a little mood in the morning, you are sure to lead a less frustrating with less sexual anxiety.

5. Natural testosterone supplements

There are plenty of natural supplements that have been formulated for an effective boost of your libido. These supplements help boost your sex drive and your testosterone levels spikes.

Low testosterone levels can usher in frustrating scenarios, and low self-esteem may make you battle with inferiority complex when interacting with others. Hence, you can work on your testosterone levels with the above tips, to retain your say as a man.

About the Author Antonio Stephens