Preparing for Triathlon – Guide

Are you planning to take part in a triathlon? If so then you then you have your work cut out for you! Running a triathlon takes a lot of stamina and not to mention courage. These races are very serious business and being prepared for them is the only way to win.

Today we are going to learn some tips that will help make triathlon training easier. These tips will help you get ready for the big race so make sure you take some notes.

Stick To A Workout Routine

Working out and getting ready for a triathlon can be rough. But it is going to take a lot of determination and hard work to get prepared. Start out by building a workout routine that you can stick too. Try to keep your workouts as exciting as possible so that you don’t get burned out.



Once you have a routine planned out stick to it. If you workout in the mornings, make sure to get up early enough to train. Also, make sure your family knows how important training is so they can give you time to workout.

Work On Your Weakness

If you are a great runner but not so much a great swimmer you should work on your weakness. By working to improve your weak points it will make you a better athlete and better your odds of winning.

Find out what you are not the best at and work hard. This will make training go much smoother and you will be at your best on race day.

Workout With Others

A great way to stay motivated is to workout with others. While the people you workout with doesn’t have to be top athletes, try to find someone that shares your passion for triathlons.


You can push each other and try to see which one of you is the best. Healthy competition will make training much easier and you won’t get lazy. Also, you can share workout tips with one another that will help improve your training.

Hire A Coach

If you are serious about winning a triathlon then you just might want to hire a coach. A coach can help you workout and push you to the next level. He or she will know how to train you and they will give you valuable advice that you can use to win. While hiring a coach does cost money, it just might be money well spent if you win!

Stay Hydrated

One of the most important things that you should do while training is to hydrate. Dehydration can quickly set in and cause many different health issues. Being properly hydrated will help you feel good at the end of your workout and your body will thank you.


These training tips can help you get ready for the big day. Just remember to work on your weak points and stick with a workout routine. This will help you improve your body so that it is ready for the main event. Remember to always strive for greatness!

About the Author Antonio Stephens