What Gear Do I Need To Start Running?

There are some basic bits of gear you will need for when you start running. The best starting point is to have running shoes or sneakers as it is best to have comfortable footwear. Resist the urge to spend a lot of money on sneakers at the start, as you need to find a comfortable and reliable pair of shoes first.

Besides you need to decide if something that you aim to do over the long term, or if it is just a short term way of getting fit or losing weight.

Try shoes that are lightweight, strong and supportive for your feet. If you are mainly running over asphalt or concrete it is worth considered having cushioned footwear.

Basic Gear: Clothes

Now over here people do not always give much thought to the clothes they will wear when they start running. The clothes you wear for running can vary according to the season of the year, the time of day, and the weather conditions when you are going for a run. For instance, if you prefer to run at dawn or dusk consider wearing florescent clothes or bands so that motorists are able to see you.


If it is raining you may wish to consider wearing a lightweight waterproof or showerproof jacket to prevent getting soaked through during the run. Consider wearing a track suit if going for a run when it is colder.

Take a bottle with you

If you intend to go on longer runs it is worth having a drinks bottle so that you can drink whilst running to prevent getting thirsty. Taking a bottle is more important in hotter weather when you need to drink more.

A stop watch

If you are running to train for a race you may want to have a stop watch to time how quickly you are running specific distances. The same function can be done with a smartwatch, which can provide pulse rates and record the distances you have run.

Listen to music


Now you may find running long distances uninteresting and listening to music can make a run more interesting. If you have a smartphone, smartwatch or MP3 player then just take it with you. Do not have the music so loud you cannot hear the traffic.

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