Wrestling Vs. Boxing Shoes: What’s The Actual Difference!?

Boxing and wrestling at a glance may seem like the same. It never or it takes some people very long to realize these two distinct sports are anything but the same. On face value, the two sports may seem merely separated by how the athletes engage each other during a fight.

However, following through examination, it comes to fore, the subtle yet vital differences even in shoes used in these two disciplines are worlds apart compared. Let us take a look at how shoes worn in these two sports helps distinguish the two disciplines.


Boxing is identified by its fast and sharp shift of movements as fighters maneuver the canvas to find a tactical advantage to pounce on an opponent. These movements inform the designing of boxing shoes which are famous for their length and grip on the canvas. Therefore, it is challenging to find a boxer tripping over themselves because their shoes were unable to support their weight. The thin yet gripping soles on boxing shoes help the fighter enhance their mobility and agility.


However, wrestling shoes soles are designed very differently from those worn by boxers. A notable difference is the intricate placement of soles. A wrestling shoe sole is designed using a double latest technology called the split sole. A split sole means that the athlete’s feet are separated from the canvas by a double-layered rubber.

Some soles are designed using uni-soles, a decision which is always informed by the wrestler’s preference. The soles help keep the wrestlers upright as they charge at each other.

Furthermore, wrestling is also famous for the dramatic movements and tactics of engagement. At times, a wrestler is hurling themselves to an opponent from high positions. All these require exceptional flexibility and support which is offered by wrestling shoes.


Another difference pitting the wrestling vs boxing shoes is the length. The height of the shoes serves an essential purpose in contrast to the aesthetic value that is always deemed to be the reason for the design of the length of the shoes. Boxing is a very organized sport, and the likelihood of falling is always very narrow. Therefore, the shoe’s length is designed to support a wrestler’s ankle in case of unexpected falls or tripping.


But wrestling shoes are designed purposefully for the support it offers wrestlers. This move is a deliberate tactic to ensure that wrestlers’ ankles are supported by their obscenely long tops. Furthermore, wrestlers are also protected by their innate awareness that they will fall during a match.


Wrestling shoes are manufactured from light, manufactured fiber which is designed to support the weight and height of a wrestler.

The exact fittings are meant to make the shoe feel like part of your leg so that it is easy to move around during a match. However, whereas boxing shoes can be manufactured using synthetic materials, it is always recommended that boxers use suede footgear or leathered boxing shoes.


In case, you perceived these two distinct sports the same; then you are into a rude shock because the difference exceeds the variety of shoes used.

About the Author Antonio Stephens